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It's over. All over. Every outfit. Every song. Every speech. Every Dick. Every Night. Over
Every My Drunk Kitchen End Of Episode Message/Advice So Far!
on a serious note, don’t beat your kids here’s some more advice, take a nap  it’s good to eat everyday  clean, so your roommates don’t get mad about your drunk cooking show  my favourite part was wearing the hats I want to have a message at the end because I always want that, if you have a dream you...
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  • 9pm:I'm going to bed now
  • 10pm:I'm going to bed now
  • 11pm:I'm going to bed now
  • 12am:I'm going to bed now
  • 1am:I'm going to bed now
  • 2am:I'm going to bed now
  • 3am:FUCK
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did this year actually happen because literally all i can remember from these past twelve months is mitt romney and gangnam style and the olympics
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