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this guy left a voicemail for his friend while hallucinating on ambien and well see the rest for yourself…

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when you lean forward in the car the seatbelt is like “WAIT TOO FAST I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE” like aw someone cares about me
"i’m not a feminist, i love guys!"
masturbation is a touchy subject
if a puppy killed my entire family, looked me in the eyes and whispered “you’re next”, i’d still say “awww look at his cute fluffy little legs! his lil feet!”
trying to sleep during the summer
never tell me you have a surprise for me if it’s not a puppy. i will always be disappointed unless you’re getting me surprise puppies
there’s no way i’ll forget this text post idea later
*takes you to my bedroom*so yeah this is where all the magic happens*points to shelves full of harry potter items*
when you have the hiccups while trying to sleep
damn girl are you a spider? because i’m kinda scared of spiders
the way you look at me is making me rock hard
i was googling for an “excited” gif and i came across this it’s even transparent