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dumb pictures these are also stupid

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dumb pictures these are also stupid
  • 1:If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?
  • 2:If you had to get lyrics tattooed on your body, which lyrics would they be?
  • 3:Older music or newer music?
  • 4:What would you do if you worked at a restaurant and your favorite band showed up?
  • 5:Have you ever written a letter or given a gift to a band member?
  • 6:What 3 songs make you ridiculously happy?
  • 7:If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?
  • 8:Favorite band member of all time?
  • ...
MY EDIT the hobbit gandalf gloin thorin oakenshield elrond long post hobbitedit oops i was making something else with these stupid stupid dwarves but this distracted me so dumb instert all these scenes with everyone being done with dwarves bebother and confusticate these dwarves this should be actual legit tag for these nerds BUT HOW ON POINT ARE THEY :-DDDD
Next time I start to develop a crush on someone please just punch me in the face instead
* gifs* Teen Wolf Scott McCall 'scott's sO du mb' shut the fuck up he might be good and whole hearted and occasionally blinded by love but he's not stupid he has a job at a veterinary which takes training and knowledge he is in lydia 'future fields medal genius' martin's math class he got a d- on his homework which the teacher wrote was not like him (ps he only got that d- because he just got turned into a fUCKING WEREWOLF) he's also the one that realised the kanima only kills who he's told to and these are only examples i thought of on the spot so you think fucking twice when you say shit about how dumb scott mccall is
imagine if tavros’s mohawk rose up like a cockatiel’s crest when hes surprised like
mygif borderlands Borderlandsedit maybe idk?? BLPS blps spoilers also fUCK I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT NINA WHY AM I SO DUMB UGH also tumblr is making these gifs look terrible hahaha i hate everything ALSO BORDERLANDS LADIES ARE BEST LADIES DO NOT FIGHT ME ON THIS
pretty little liars mine omg D: pll spencer hastings this stupid what even go away i just i hate life spemily :'))))) why????????????????? is dumb they are so important otp: soul mates in a way pain? :'(((())))) liKE i don't look at how they look at eachother are we going to talk about any of this every scene they have they are in love they are pure love all of these scenes are so important
funny comic comics lol not really yaaay dreamybean stupid is more like it
Fanart hetalia aph: italy APH: Germany gerita never enough how many pictures are there of these two feeding each other?
Darren Criss Broadway magical how??? hedwig and the angry inch BUT ALSO BULLSHIT
Rooster Teeth let's play minecraft Freewood photoset: rooster teeth dumb freewood otp: the tip of his sword i'm progressively getting more and more done with these two ahteamloveandstuff also the format of the meme from this photoset forward will look like this :3