• ectobiolodraws idk idk these are bad colors i know ectobiolodaddy •
ectobiolodraws idk idk these are bad colors i know

i am so bored rn

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ectobiolodraws idk idk these are bad colors i know
harry potter severus snape q patronus i dont know gifs: mine idk what to tag this as ?????? THESE ARE SO BAD ?!?!?!
1k * mine delena my stuff idk i'm sorry tvdedit damon stan club delenaedit delena shippers club this is so random omg but it's been a while since i posted something the colors are the worst
so ya Not my pictures I like these colors and textures idk whose tho
gif art idk man idk cuddles it happens rainy day aww yis dont look harurin RinHaru rainy day cuddles i should be asleep holy shiTE it can rain with the sun out dont look at the feet these colors are so crazy looking haa there is a reference and i will find it i will damnit
gif idk *misc chriddof wtf do i tag this with do a youtube search for chriddof if you wanna know where these are from might do more tomorrow idk people have said they liked them
my edits gifs Michael Jackson ily bad era King of pop moonwalker happy bday my bae only bad era lol i liked the coloring but idk I know they are not all well centered
justin bieber mine lyrics idk bad day over1k I love these lyrics
Mine: lotr Thranduil i fail at life hobbitedit leepaceedit tolkienedit bellevox idk what the colors in this are i am all over the place these days ugh
1k * gifs disney 101 Dalmatians Disneyedit idk what these colors are i struggle a lot because i have a terrible copy of this movie but it's so fun to color
lil psychosis things:- *something moves in the corner of ur eye* *turn to look @ moving thing* *thing is now regular thing but you knOW ITS ONLY PRETENDING*- bugs?? everywhere?? why are they in my skin and my hair why - is that a gif- hey look these two delusions totally contradict each other but th...