• edit where are you you are extremely cute and ur hair is nice and you just look cute and ure probably somewhere near me konstelace •
edit where are you you are extremely cute and ur hair is nice and you just look cute and ure probably somewhere near me

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love girl cute Cool boy guy babe crush Tongue cool story babe cool story babe go make me a sandwich
“natural curls wow you are so lucky i’d give anything for that you must love it huh omg”
happy birthday taemin! i am so proud of youuu! you've made it this far (LOL) look at you now look how much you have improved from the taemin with a jet black bowl cut hair lithe body and and chubby cheeks ;~; you look so good rn i am fucking clapping for your fitness instructor and your coughjonghyunhyungcough anyways I LOVE YOU SO MCUH YOU WILL NEVER KNOW TBH i love your voice your eyes your neck YOUR EVERYTHING stay as sweet as you are right now im aware that this letter of gratitude is kinda useless but whateva!!!!! i promise to support you till the end and shit THE FANS (+me) ARE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU OK WE GOT UR BACK have fun party hard drink lots n lots of hard liquor with ur hyungs and HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
* Teen Wolf Sterek goddamnit alejandra this is all ur fault you are bad and you should feel bad i will stop soon i promise (or not) ((im probably lying)) jonahtrimble oh man i started off w/ a completely different idea in mind and now this what is wrong w/ me otp: you need me to survive which is why you're not letting me go taggin u in this because !!!! ugh cba 2 tag the rest whateva man
my gif cute edit exo exom Kris why are you so cute?
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mine Graphic legend of korra the legend of korra ikki lok tenzin Just look at them meelo jinora Pema best family ever Tenzin and Pema are so cute together meelo you perffeecctttt <3 Jinora and Ikki my lovelies you're so precious
What the hell just happened?!?!?! Hussie... are you reviving me or kissing me? And where did this al...
One Direction liam payne
louis tomlinson performance
You guys are probably gonna hate me
I am so sorry for what I’m about to do, but I can’t help but make a connection here. There is a difference between this Louis credit (x) credit (x) credit (x) and this Louis These are the two Louis’ we saw this week. I think you guys know what I’m getting ...