• "Espelho, Esp..." "O importante é ter saúde." humor HM alexironica palavras-pra-ele •

"Espelho, Esp..." "O importante é ter saúde."

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"Espelho, Esp..." "O importante é ter saúde."
Preciso emagrecer:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2 min via sofá, comendo brigadeiro, salgad...
os ciumentos faz hm. ah. hm.
- Posso te fazer feliz? - Só você pode.
Harry Styles * HM
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*drinks wine on treadmill*
"i do what i want" sounds really rebellious and cool but what i want to do is avoid conflict and stay in my room
Some people meet each other in life, and though they may not end up together, the thought of once having had each other is enough to keep th...
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