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Every hallelujah for season eight.

Misha has confirmed he will be in Supernatural season eight.

They’ve hinted at the possibilities of Gabriel and Chuck returning.

There will be less angst, and more a storyline, plot, whatever for this season.


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Y’all need to signal boost the shit out of this. To give you some perspective of how big this is, note that this is a lauded TV Guide editor writing, plainly: That is what f...
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Remember when..
the biggest problem on Supernatural was: ‘So, sir, where’s your daughter buried?’ ‘Oh, she was cremated.’ And they were there like: 'Oh, crap.’
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Richard Speight Jr. is directing an episode this season.There will be more consistency between episodes this season.Picks up right where we left off.Cas is still under the effect of the attack dog spell cast by Rowena.Mark is insisting that Crowley is dead… (no one believes him)‘The 1st and 2nd epis...
What if thunderstorms are just teenage angels playing drums?! And there’s God yelling at them to quiet down, but they’re like ‘FUCK YOU DAD WE DO WHAT WE WANT!’
…All the history between them seemed to have vanished. No mention of Purgatory, no talk of heaven, Castiel’s loss, Dean’s struggle to ...
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