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exo’s new album track list 


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  • Year 2030:Ryuan S.Jhun tweets "EXO comeback is close!"
  • Year 2043:EXO changes their hairstyle. Maybe now they will have a comeback?
  • Year 2056:SM announces Chanyeol's pheonix dead. Comeback is moved.
  • Year 2067:Korean fans hears EXO practicing their new song. Maybe this is a sign of comeback?
  • Year 2070:Kai dance new move on MAMA awards. Comeback?
  • Year 3333:Unicorn is still alive
  • Year 3632:Gay marriage is legalized in Korea. Comeback is moved because of EXO couples getting married
  • Year 4499:Luhan gives birth to six children . Comeback moved.
  • ...
we lost one award, but let’s make up for it with this one! EXO is nominated for the MAMA awards, but right now our numbers are slipping. please vote! it’s easy, just log in via twitter or facebook, or make an account. vote for EXO in the following categories: let’s spread the w...
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Fan: Did it hurt? Luhan: When I fell from heaven? Fan: No, When you hit the glass door
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EXO Comeback - 9 Sept 2012
EXO will comeback with a full album on 9 Sept 2012. Teasers will be released around next 1/2 week(s). FULL ALBUM TRACKLIST (EXO-K) : MYSTIC [???] 1. MYSTIC 2. ?? ?? (I Am Lost) 3. ???? (Beautiful) 4. ?? (My Lady) 5. ??? ?? ??? (Baby Don’t Cry) 6. Alias (SUHO SOLO) 7. ? ?? ?? (Don’t...
EXO is like that one fan fiction that everyone loves but never got updated past chapter 1