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his reaction when you tell him : honey i'm pregnent
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"[INFO] EXO-K will be at MBC IDOL OLYMPICS with Luhan and Tao. EXO will compete in 70m run, hurdles,...
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  • Kai:Likes to touch his lips, He doesn't like his sweater to fit over one of his shoulders, He covers his mouth when he smiles hard.
  • Sehun:Never really closes his mouth together, Makes angry faces when he dances, usually oblivious to things going on around him, likes to shop, likes to playoff his awkwardness.
  • SuHo:Blinks (A LOT), giggles when he's speaking about almost anything.
  • Chanyeol:Winks his right eye when he smiles hard, Eyes widen when someone is speaking to him from afar, interlocks his fingers when he's standing idle.
  • D.O:O___O 24/7, Bites his bottom lip when he laughs hard, raises his left eyebrow when he's easedropping on other conversations.
  • Baekhyun:Side-eyes the rest of the members when they're talking (as opposed to looking directly at them) smirks and nods when the other members are talking, parts his lips when being asked a question.
my edits exo EXO-K EXO-M MY BABIES Kyungsoo d.o Minseok xiumin random graphics xiusoo exo graphics exolution the power couple tbh lol they bring the boyrs out
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1k my post kpop exo exo m exo k do Kyungsoo d.o exo funny exo edit poor soo exo crack exo l kyungsoo funny seriously this is so funny tho and i am loving the booty shorts lmao at least he can get away from the dorks now my crack post