• exo sehun baekhyun sebaek plgifs byunbaek ohse exo'luxion queue slow down.. then queue speed up it's really cute when baek does that sehun's 'aegyo' became high-pitched at the end lol i knew this ghost-dreaming thing would happen when i saw the banners last night lol purpleuhan •

baekhyun’s reaction to sehun’s aegyo

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LOL exo sehun i couldn't stop laughing omg plgifs byunbaek ohse Choi Ji Woo queue-tips mama2014 still a kid forever a kid lmao baek is that one friend lol we all have that friend kinikilig amputek highschool highschool????
exo sehun yixing LAYHUN sexing plgifs zhangyi ohse queue-tips sbs gayo daejun 2014 sehun is so cute he just sat down like xing was a chair lol and the chansoo that was happening there lol i spy queen choa
exo baekhyun xiumin plgifs byunbaek kimmin he makes the best expressions queue-tips The Lost Planet next to lu that is 7 gifs all happened in 2 days lol and pls take note of the sorting from 1st to last sorted by the intensity of his reactions hehehe fake tattoo and baek problems this is a short compilation i shouldn't be posting yet huhu
snsd exo sehun plgifs ohse gaon chart k-pop awards q: staring at baek's collarbones but the real 10th member is baek then 11th is xiu kris was dancing his usual laxy moves and soo is enjoying it omg since i never saw any gifset like this here i just made it and it's like split into hq and lq lol
exo same yixing baekhyun baekxing laybaek plgifs byunbaek same lol zhangyi queue-tips mama2014 they were amazed cuz of ailee's high note of course baek would do that it would be strange if he didn't
exo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek plgifs byunbaek parkchan queue-tips The Lost Planet so normal not even surprised so good at using their bodies lol and baek likes to do those poses yeol just cleaned the stage thank
exo jongin Kyungsoo chanyeol kimkai plgifs dokyung parkchan queue-tips The Lost Planet it's just really cute u v u i made it so that you can see the light lol
exo hehehe suzy presscon suho kimjoon plgifs queue-tips korean music wave in beijing i was like 'omg exo x girl interaction!' lmao should be documented lol anyway it's cute even tho he was late he still tried to support her why so shy tho hehehe and awks plus i like suzy idk how to caption this tbh soooooo /whispers and i was looking at baek during the presscon cuz hehehehehe
LOL exo ? yixing Kyungsoo laysoo plgifs dokyung zhangyi queue-tips The Lost Planet why did tao became jd's partner it looks like xing was supposed to do it i laughed like 4586724 times when i saw kyungsoo's face while pushing yixing it's now or never i used kyungsoo's fanboard reply here hehehehe
exo sehun Yesterday oh sehun plgifs no sehun ohse queue-tips The Lost Planet i actually forgot about the nip slip i'm glad i saw it bye sehun stans
exo for me lately yixing baekhyun baekxing laybaek baeklay plgifs byunbaek zhangyi queue-tips The Lost Planet more impt than the heart hehehe be careful baek seems like you fall down/slip a lot the world's only hope
nice baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek ask answered SHOOT ANONYMOUS gentle giant hugs i know it's hard to tell but baekhyun secretly likes it lol who are we kidding it's very obvious he's so compliant that little shit and chanyeol does not like it when baekhyun catches a cold sure he thinks it's cute when baek sneezes but ... so gaaaay baekhyun easily gets sick and cold and chanyeol is always ready to give baek a warmm hug getting gayer and gayer by the post