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Studies suggest that petting dogs produces hormonal changes. This helps people cope with depression and certain stress-related disorders. ...
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Blue Has a Calming Effect While Red Makes Us More Alert
One of the most interesting and memorable finding that I learned from my cognitive psychology class was the influence of colors on our state of mind. Colors not only influence how we think, how we feel, but potentially how we behave. Read More
Taking a Short Walk Improves Our Ability to Memorize Information
As you might know physical exercise has numerous benefits but today we are going to focus on walking. Taking a short walk a couple of times a week reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, reduces stress levels, and helps us sleep better. What’s more, however, walking can improve our memory....
Fear Of Spiders Can Develop Before Birth
Now we all have fears, or phobias. Some of them are worse than others, but all of them are basically terrible when confronted with the object of fear. However despite the terribleness that is this fear, sometimes it serves a purpose. For instance, let’s take a arachnophobia or the fear of spiders f...
On Average It Takes 66 Days to Form a Habit
New Year’s resolutions, promises to start eating healthy from tomorrow, buying a gym membership – these are all different ways of trying to form new habits. All of them prove to be rather difficult to maintain or even start. Creating a new habit is a hard thing to achieve and it certainly does not...
When Working on Boring Tasks, Listening to Music Helps You Focus
Have you ever heard the theory that we, as human beings should not listen to music while doing something else like studying or working because then you will get distracted and inevitably lose focus on both things. Basically the theory states that we are incapable of doing two things at a time simpl...
Your Brain Releases Dopamine When You Discover a New Favorite Song
Music is an integral part of our lives. We hear music when watching our favorite movies, walking down the street, or going out for a drink. It is enjoyable, even therapeutic. But why exactly does listening to music that we like make us feel good? Read More
facts psychology discuss
facts psychology discuss