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10 Daily Random Facts
1. A cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than it is to a dog’s brain. Humans and cats have identical regions responsible for emotion. 2. An Indian airline only hires women because they are lighter, so they save up to $500,000 per year in fuel. 3. Drinking too much water can caus...
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10 Daily Random Facts
1. Drinking 2 cups of cold water on a empty stomach can boost metabolism by 30% 2. Giraffes have elastic blood vessels in their long necks so they can bend down and drink water without fainting. 3. In 17th century, Hawaiian Queen, Keopuolani, was considered so sacred that even touching her shadow wa...
10 Daily Random Facts
1. Psychologists say, the people with the best advice have experienced a lot of issues in their own life. 2.Kakorrhaphiophobia is the fear of defeat. 3. Teens are more likely to become rebellious as young adults if their parents are pushy, over protective and strict. 4. A person who seems jealous or...
10 Daily Random Facts
1. Nintendo has banked so much money, that they could run a deficit of over $250 Million every year and still survive until 2052. 2. Hershey has promised to stop using child slave labor to produce their chocolate by 2020. 3. The Simpsons are responsible for the popularisation of the word ‘meh&...