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Gosh, tumblr is just no good with horizontal compositions, huh?
It’s almost the end of summer (sob) but it’s still warm enough for short sleeves!

Have the matsu-bros in short sleeved button ups because….Well, I dunno really, I just wanted to draw it. FITE ME.

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The solution to the Equalist problem
In his old age Zuko discovered the love for dramatic entrances. A little comic of a theory my friends and I were discussing the other week (please let us see Zuzu this season, if not at all, pleeeeaaasssse). negl, Bolin’s rubber suit idea happened irl, in which I was Bolin and my frien...
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So I saw gingerhaze responding to an ask regarding the rarity of Iron Man comics on her blog.
She claims it’s because she can’t draw the dude very well, but we all know that’s nonsense.I mean look at this suave mother. the only issue is that there’s something missing. perfect.
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