• Fanart gf long post gravity falls stanley pines and it's true not what he seems NWHS as I sit here putting this together the only thing I can think is ' i need to draw more stanley' i DO need to draw more stanley theladyemdraws •

tfw no gf (gravity falls)

also what obsession with stanley i don’t know what you’re talking about

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Stanley Kubrick stills 2001: A Space Odyssey this fuked me up in a good way
mine I made this gravity falls dipper pines The Inconveniencing God I love this show my gif: Gravity Falls I've pretty much make gifs out the entire episode and have them waiting in my drafts this was a such a quality episode i have one more set i want to make from this episode and then i think i'm going to start on the ones i haven't done yet but anyways this show is superior to every other kids show(excluding phineas and ferb) because the characters ACT THEIR AGE and it's fabulous thank you alex hirsch
comic long post Marco Bodt Jean Kirschtein jeanmarco Like a Drum fic:lad I'm sorry for the huge post but I don't know any better way to post it... I don't know if I'm embaressed by how much time I put on things or if I'm proud of it
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My art The cough hh omg 3 is the magic number in snk titan trio cards are flipped intentionall y im so tired it's lat e  but i hate having things unfinished MAN I SHOULD DRAW OTHER FANART I WANNA DRAW KLK FANART also basara VIBRATES i actually have a binch of wips i just draw rly slow i need to finish other things too oh no c  nf
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My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn Team Free Will this is what the gabriel thing did to me i actually finished drawing this earlier this afternoon but we had to go somewhere and i only got to finish the coloring now gosh you guys i love drawing these three but i find dean the most difficult to draw i think it's his hair URGH i need to catch up i'm still in season 6 fhsajgakdflga i had to color in a bit of sammy's eye ffff i didn't think it would get notes so i didn't bother fixing it ;v; ahhhh thank you so much you guys!