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But it’s Teen Wolf, so who the fuck knows.

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I love input from the cast…Dylan O’Brien is such a smart kid, and I will literally IM him or on Facebook at two in the morning and say ‘Hey,...
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Livetweets/Answers from the Teen Wolf Panel at NYCC (Spoilers)
Major Spoiler Alert! All tweets courtesy - @sonic43 & @casness Davis says there is a plan to remove Jackson from the show smoothly  Also that the door will be left open for Jackson to return if Colton wants to come back  Davis “There is a bromance triangle forming between Scott, Isacc and ...
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Girls like boys who like boys. Apparently.
This has kind of been stressing me out a lot. Because, you know, there was that article with Jeff saying that there was definitely hints at Stiles being bisexual, and that made me really really happy - but then there was also that part where he commented on the Derek/Stiles relationship, about him n...
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