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I can’t handle ,it’s too cute. Even if I’m not the other fandom.


Some design from here

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I can’t handle ,it’s too cute. Even if I’m not the other fandom. Some design from here
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this is so dumb omfg/////// i just really like fandomstuck leave me alone
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Hetalia’s drawings are usually very shiny like his papa’s
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One Big Fandom Family
In my head, all of the fandoms are part of some massive, crazy family. The tough, but loving and protective older brother: The crazy kid brother, who still loves playing pretend: The vaguely psychotic middle child that the parents keep locked away in the attic: The rowdy, fun-loving cousin who ca...
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I wonder, why the Homestuck fandom is so upset…?*goes to mspaintadventures and takes a look at the update*HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Do you guys need anything!?Pasta, maybe? Some more Pasta?Ice cream? Ice cream, that looks like Pasta? Faygo?Blankets? Always remember, we are here for you. Right at you...