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I don’t like when I try on clothes and then it doesn’t fit because that makes me really mad and then I just give up and say I want to go home, I don’t want to go clothes shopping. Even so when I come into clothes shopping I’m really excited then the clothes just don’t fit and I get really mad and I just want to go home […] I usually just give up and say that I don’t need anything.

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Extended Plus Size Clothing Stores
Many plus size clothing stores stop at like a size 3X or 24 maybe 26, but if you’re a lil’ bit bigger, like me, you may feel like you’re outta luck. NOT SO! Lookit all these extra fantastical websites I found that offer extended plus size clothing.  Fashion to Figure Goes Up To Siz...
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New updated List with plus size clothing, lingerie, and accessories
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alternate names for plus size shopping:
‘uhhhh…can someone help me out of this?’ shopping 'oh, a wrap skirt. …awesome…’ shopping 'back corner of the store?’ shopping 'you don’t carry my size?’ shopping 'ah. online only. gotcha.’ shopping 'oh you thought plus size only m...
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