• fav homestuck hs SU I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH steven universe ultimate fav lauren zuke amber rogers emathyst •
fav homestuck hs SU I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH steven universe ultimate fav lauren zuke amber rogers

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homestuck cuties ;3; Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider dirkroxy aniseart gosh i just love these two way too much UGH UGH UGH
avengers this for u mag yeah redrawing Strong Female Character poses is my fav thing fight me i am totally good at drawing buildings what are you talking about the hawkeye initiative
art homestuck Whelp aranea serket meenah peixes gillfronds les8ifins meenahxaranea sorry if i always have to add these ugly watermarks but i've had issues with people claiming i wasn't the author of my fanarts so
me fav uploads quote Unf sad hot omg i love you ok okay Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien bye
photoset e he's the cutest omg sIfhudg I cried while I edited these these are all my fave pic of him I just i love his smile and laugh so much
Rachel Weisz ~m ANCK SU NAMUN the mummy returns patricia velasquez nefertiri i shipped this so much before i even knew what shipping was
fav film Love Actually Bill Nighy richard curtis erinsgif
photoset gif Concert interview soundcheck thexfactor reminds me of why i love you so much even though i could never forget ugh you're the cutest there might be a part two
but guys remember when louis was singing and liam yelled out eleanor and he got all shy and blushed like crazy bc i do 
community i think this is one of my fav stickers
Jersey Shore twd the walking dead my own Andrew Lincoln lauren cohan Norman Reedus Laurie Holden david morrissey Steven Yeun Danai Gurira cent Michael Rooker Melissa McBride sweet zombie jesus what have i done this is what mid season finales do ok and i realize this is terribly done to start with ahaha but i couldn't resist and i had to do it all crappiness aside so yup
** tiffany snsd Hyoyeon yoona girls generation girls' generation edit: snsd sorry for spamming you with snsd but I have feels and I love these pictures so much ;aaa;