• fuck the idea that fat girls are only seen as hot when they have lingerie, a face full of makeup on ... feminism femininity radfemale •

fuck the idea that fat girls are only seen as hot when they have lingerie, a face full of makeup on and a sultry expression on their face like the level of femininity fat girls have to perform to not be seen as ugly is phenomenal 

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12 Books to Keep Your Feminism Intersectional
by Crystal Paul of Bustle1. Women, Race, and Class by Angela Y. DavisThis is definitely one of the must-reads for any intersectional feminist. A bit dated at this point, but still important, it takes a look at the very issues of exclusion that have hindered the feminist movement since abolition days...
You notice that the “feminist icons,” of today are people like Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Hillary Clinton, Amy Schumer, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Tina Fey, etc. They get praised for the most basic “feminism is about equality of the sexes so of course I’m a feminist,” comments. While simultaneo...
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Let’s unwrap this shit upHere’s the front of the actual fUcking bookGotta take a quick look inside of it holy shitwhy am i surprised and not surprised at the same time?MY SIDESsdkSGDFGHgsakK;;HKJjkk;??????????the fuck??????????…that was very Tumblr-esque 
I’m really amused by the argument “You can’t expect straight writers to include LGBT+ characters. They’ve never experienced being LGBT+” Because like-1) JK Rowling was never an 11 year old orphaned wizard boy. Tolkien was never an ELF. This is how writing works.2) I, a bisexual woman, am perfectly c...
this is why we need feminism 
If you’re a white girl who stands for feminism and yet you won’t embrace the black lives matter movement, what are you doing…? If you aren’t excited as hell to see your sisters of color empowering themselves, you aren’t truly a feminist. The black lives matter movement...
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