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By living in a culture where I need an excuse and a story to be put on birth control, we tell young people that these are things they shouldn’t want and that they’re bad. Like, oral contraception is bad because it can lead to ~sex things~, but you’re good because you’re using it for ~not sex things~. It’s creating that dichotomy of Good women who use it for medical reasons and Bad women who use it for selfish reason.

Get that garbage outta my face.

It is 2015. I don’t wanna be the one to tell you, but Women Like Sex. I think we’ve evolved as a species to the point where we understand that not all sex acts are strictly for procreation. Treading along that radical line of thinking, I’m not going to feel bad about taking birth control strictly for sex things. Trust me, I have enough to feel bad about, being a human woman all the time. I’m not going to feel like my story is less legitimate because I’m not taking the pill for medical reasons. Loving sex is my reason. Being able to have sex with other people and not worry about having a child is my reason. And those are good enough reasons.

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  • Women's Rights Activist:Now let's tackle the delicate issue of rape. There are too many instances of women being raped and something needs to be done.
  • Men's Rights Activist:Absolutely - but we feel that it is also important to note and bring light to the fact that males get raped too, and women can also be rapists.
  • WRA:Absolutely - what do you think Egalitarian?
  • Egalitarian:I think with careful attention to all victims of rape, and not specifically turning it into a gendered issue, we can focus more precisely on what causes rape and try to counter it. We believe that demonising one group of people isn't the way forward, especially with such sensitive topics like rape.
  • --The door comes crashing down.--