• explaining osomatsu-san to someone like: fight me osomatsu Ichimatsu Osomatsu-san Todomatsu Karamatsu Choromatsu mr osomatsu Jyushimatsu yeah i'm rewatching megamind dontfucktables •

explaining osomatsu-san to someone like:

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castle kate beckett Richard Castle can you tell how bored i am i'm the paper and you're the pen @obliviated idek what this is. i was just rewatching cuffed earlier today
photoset gif film david fincher fight club edward norton 1999 The Narrator this is a repost so yeah don't kill me
harry potter * ugh be strong I'm Not Okay happy birthday boo i'm just be safe ... idek i had the brilliant idea of rewatching some scenes from dhp2 and i cried my eyes out and had a mini breakdown stupid series left me emotionally stunned and hii i haven't made a real graphic in ages
gif quote robert pattinson kristen stewart Kristen and Rob My edits 2 DO IIIIIIIIT !!!!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top ! I'm doing the puppy eyes jsyk It took me forever to do this that's pretty ridiculous And I'm too exhausted so I'm still gonna post it even though yeah... *shrugs*
text writing sorry i'm sorry push people away
Alright. I'm just gonna...leave this here...
America and Prussia at Canada’s hockey game: Germany caring for a hungover Prussia: America when he’s staying with Canada: France at Canada’s hockey games: Switzerland when someone tells him something exciting: Canada alone in his room: England all the time: Romano all the t...
pokemon ... i'm rewatching pokemon with my sister cause we've been rewatching sabrina the teenage witch and we got to the last season and the last season of sabrina the teenage witch is literally the worst thing to ever happen to television so we needed a distraction
photoset Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan twitter sleepy zayn aw yeah I'm sleepy too so goodnight byee
You Me At Six  Sinner Never Sleep
“Reckless” - You Me At Six
homestuck Dave Strider John Egbert what i drew
glee noah puckerman mark salling ~~ Puck gif: glee don't ask me... was rewatching earlier and thought this was hilariously ironic
  • Woohyun in France:Are you from Paris? Because I think Eiffel for you!
  • Woohyun in Japan:Hey, I think I just Tokyo heart away the moment you took mine.
  • Woohyun in Korea:We're Seoulmates!
  • Woohyun in the Philippines:Davao for our wedding...I already have it prepared, my dear Inspirits!
  • Woohyun in Greece:I'll make you slip and fall for me with my Greece.
  • Woohyun in Italy:Are you from Rome? I wanna have the sweetest Romans with you.
  • Woohyun in Switzerland:I'll Bern you with my intense love.