• Fiona Gallagher Shameless US mickey milkovich mandy milkovich shameless spoilers shamelessgif HE'S SO SCARED he's so afraid of losing him to something he absolutely cannot control when ian was walking out of the alibi he could bring him back by admitting who he was in front of his family but he doesn't know how to fix this mickmilkovich •
Fiona Gallagher Shameless US mickey milkovich mandy milkovich shameless spoilers shamelessgif HEFiona Gallagher Shameless US mickey milkovich mandy milkovich shameless spoilers shamelessgif HE
Fiona Gallagher Shameless US mickey milkovich mandy milkovich shameless spoilers shamelessgif HEFiona Gallagher Shameless US mickey milkovich mandy milkovich shameless spoilers shamelessgif HE

What’s wrong with him?

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* Damon x Elena do you understand do you even understand the power of this quote the power of this moment he is dying he is one step away from complete oblivion and he knows it he can barely keep his eyes open or move his lips but he still says it he still makes sure she knows how important she is how unique and special she is to him he's lived for over 150 years he's met so many people throughout his existence but here's the only person who's truly made a change in him: elena here's damon saying that no matter how much pain has filled his heart for the last century and a half he would go through it all over again if it still led him to meeting her this man on his deathbed regrets so many things and feels so much this man that is embracing death because he's just so tired and so scarred you can feel it in him; the acceptance that quiet whisper saying 'at last... the pain will cease' but right here in this tiny little moment he doesn't mind it; it doesn't hurt anymore he's not afraid of showing his wounds and admitting his flaws and confessing his sins because it was all worth it and he would go through all this hell over and over again he would make all the wrong decisions and suffer all the consequences for her and if given the choice he'd rather relive all those decades of misery and grief than dying back in 1864 and never meeting her how much more otp can this get
doctor who eleventh doctor mine:photoset I really love this PSD a lot okay Also that first gif was being annoying But can I just talk about this gifset for a minute though? The Doctor treats Earth and the human race as his second family of sorts He travels almost entirely with humans and he spends quite a lot of time on earth He loves humans and has made that very clear Especially during The Eleventh Hour when the Atraxi questions him about Earth And he says No but I've put a lot of work into it or whatever it was So it's really curious to see how the Doctor's character has evolved over time In Eleven's beginning he was still a bouncy little puppy He loved everything and particularly his curious little humans But as his character continues to grow I guess he starts to become more weary? I'm not really sure what it is but there is a noticeable change in his character It's not so much that he grows more skeptical of the humans More that he knows he's going to die I guess So he starts to finally put himself first instead of his humans I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore but let me continue In TIA he knows he's about to die So he remarks longingly about the humans that he loves so much Resigning himself to the fact he's going to die and leave Earth behind as a WIP But in Closing Time he's preoccupied with himself and his Farewell Tour Pretending that he doesn't care about his humans because he's going to leave them and pretending he doesn't care would make leaving them ... a lot easier But in the end he really does care and helps Craig save the earth from the Cybermen So I guess in true tl;dr versions The Doctor loves the Earth and the human race They're probably his favourite species
sherlock andrew scott jim moriarty moriarty james moriarty and this is precisely why i don't understand people who were 'surprised' by moriarty's suicide or thought it was OOC the final problem was STAYING ALIVE. and it was a problem not because he wanted to live but because he wanted to die. 'IT'S SO BORING ISN'T IT? IT'S JUST STAYING.' life was tedium and stasis for him. HE WANTED OUT. the final problem - the endgame he has had in mind since series one - was about him being ready to die and it wasn't just his problem - he wanted to share it with sherlock it wasn't enough simply to die - he wanted (needed) to do it knowing that sherlock understood death would have brought him no comfort without the knowledge that he hadn't been alone on this miserable planet all along. why do you think he is so fucking devastated to have 'beaten' sherlock? sherlock disappointed him and now he hasn't just lost him ('I DON'T EVEN HAVE YOU') but lost also the death he wanted for himself. (the death he wanted for THEM - this was about a certain 'togetherness' for him - it was meaningless without sherlock) and so he tells him 'NOW I HAVE TO GO BACK TO PLAYING WITH THE ORDINARY PEOPLE' not because he WANTS to (as the disgust in his tone should make clear) but because he doesn't have it in him to die the way he wanted to without having his big moment of connectivity with sherlock this is what makes him dying with sherlock's hand in his so profound it's also what makes his ending such a moving and beautiful one - he got everything he wanted the gun in one hand and sherlock's in the other as andrew scott has made clear - moriarty was a desolate lonely and unhappy character and in his final moments that utter desolation melts away as he and sherlock finally put the game aside for a few moments and share something honest devastating and intimate moriarty wanted sherlock and he wanted death and the two became inextricable for him 'winning' meant nothing - all he wanted was the feeling of sherlock's hand in his and the relief of finally knowing there was SOMEONE someone for him and someone LIKE him this is why he dies with a smile on his face and this is why his suicide was the PERFECT ending to his arc
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gif mine ugh ParaNorman this rly endeared me to norman because throughout the rest of the movie he just takes it sure he'll pull a few faces or give a few sarcastic comments but for the most part? he accepts it he accepts he's the freak of the town and maybe his family isn't perfect but what can he do and here - just for a second he breaks he's got so much pressure on him from his uncle and he's trying to do something right and still everyone's yelling at him? nobody believes him? he's still a joke and this is one of the first times he really snaps back and gets angry norman please
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You heard James?” said Lupin, in a strange voice. “Yeah …” Face dry, Harry looked up. “Why–you didn&rsq...
gifs quotes graphics edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood alphonse elric no this isn't shippy at all what are you talking about except i totally think it is for REASONS because let's just reflect on one singular fact for a second that fact being that edward was willing to give up EVERYTHING for his brother and in the end gives up the one thing that defines him the one thing that makes him who he is he doesn't do this for anyone else in the series the amount of sacrifice he makes for only alphonse is astonishing no one else gets that much of edward's devotion and love ed may love winry romantically but it will never compare to the bond he shares with al and the extent he will go for his brother's safety and if you disagree you clearly did not read/watch the same series as i did because seriously you cannot say that ed loves anyone as much as he loves al they're soulmates in the most literal sense because even in canon it's clearly stated that ed's soul is intertwined with al's it became that way when they lost their innocence when they tried to bring back their monther these two boys... i just love them so much
Harry Styles enjoy harry and ok now i know he also has a tattoo on his ankle but we still haven't seen a picture of it so i'm not including this also i strongly believe the picture of him getting the half sleeve one is old because he's wearing what he was wearing when ed sheeran gave him the i can't change tattoo (or was it the locket idr) anyway until we have pictures of these ^ tattoos and a better one of the (?)17BLACK(?) one oh and many thanks to the person who suggested this i was running out of ideas feel free to request stuff because bored
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kurt hummel glee tv: glee mine: gif character: kurt hummel remember when kurt was just that gay kid that was too ashamed and scared to come out and gave up solos for his father because he loved him more than being a star and would do anything for him and had no friends and was bullied every day look how strong and brave and kind and amazing he is and always has been i just wow look at the friends he has the things he's done and achieved the love he's found holy fuck i am proud of kurt hummel
sherlock johnlock asib don't know if it's been done before so okay just a little point here: i'm not saying that it's the same but the Irene scene made me think look at all the meals scenes we NEVER see sherlock actually eating anything and yet he's always there when John does we know he never eats while on a case but why should he stay with John while he eats? wouldn't he consider it a waste of his time? he could just leave John behind and carry on with the case but no he always stays with him even if he's not hungry whether they're on a case or not sherlock stays with John i'm just saying that it means something what you want to take from this is up to you