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Too often people think of exercise in black or white categories: “thirty minutes” or “no minutes.” In reality, any minutes of movement are b...
fitblr exercise fitness
  • other fitblrs:ate like 120 grams of protein today!
  • me:I had an egg
  • other fitblrs:went on a 20 mile run!
  • me:wait what
  • other fitblrs:had three pounds of veggies!
  • me:I only own about 2 vegetables
  • other fitblrs:and hey look at this insanely long post of all these exercises I did today, earning 10,000 fitocracy points!
  • me:curls into a ball
  • ...
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I think one of the most underrated benefits of exercise is how much better you feel about yourself. Not physically, but mentally. You feel happier, and calmer, and you stop hating yourself. And this increases the more/regularly you do it.