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My friend is coming over today for some weeaboo dragon poking simulator, so I figured I’d surprise him with some MH themed Potion Punch!

It was super easy to make, but I would have made some changes based what I did or didn’t have. It doesn’t taste like grass and mushrooms, but I sacrificed accuracy for stomachability for us non-hunters. Recipe under the cut!

Monster Hunter Potion Punch

Makes: 1 pitcher


  • 1 package lime Jell-o
  • 2 cups water, separate from the bottle
  • 2/3~1 cup sugar, to taste
  • ½~1 cup lemon juice, to taste [I used lemonade but lemon juice works better to cut the sweetness]
  • 5 cans 7up/Sprite/lemon lime soda
  • 1 500ml bottle of water
  • Optional but reccommended: Orange or pineapple juice, to taste

How To

  1. Boil 2 cups water in a small saucepan
  2. Stir in jello powder and sugar until they dissolve
  3. Pour jello mixture into pitcher
  4. Basically dump everything else in the pitcher and mix it all up really good, but make sure to add the water LAST. If you used juice then you might not even need the water.
  5. Be sure to taste it occasionally so it can be to your liking. Mine came out a little sweeter than I had anticipated, but it tastes like candy.
  6. Add ice and chill for a few hours.

Serve in jars and enjoy!

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