• For the last time, we have a gif for EVERYTHING gif supernatural Crowley spn fandom supernatural fandom we really have a gif for everything the-johnlocked-woman •

For the last time, we have a gif for EVERYTHING

Sincerely: SPN fandom.

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For the last time, we have a gif for EVERYTHING
Sincerely: SPN fandom.
supernatural my posts 2k spn fandom a gif for everything this post amuses me a lot
There are three types of episodes/scenes on Supernatural....
Actually scary episodes that give you nightmares or make you at least a little scared of the dark.  Episodes that break your hearts with feels b/c of all the drama in Sam and Dean’s life.  Episodes or scenes that make no sense what-so-ever and we all wonder what the writers were smoking by that poi...
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I can’t handle ,it’s too cute. Even if I’m not the other fandom. Some design from here
HA! i bet this “supernatural fandom” doesnt have a gif of someone dying
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