• free! makoto tachibana haruka nanase makoharu harumako such babes And there's so many more examples of Makoto looking at Haru like that but I'm sure you all know that Makoto practically embodies the expression of love and actually I've only ever seen Haru with such a soft expression and smile when looking at Makoto even though it's a rare and precious thin And even if Makoto is one to always have a gentle smile on his face pay attention to how his entire expression softens when he looks at Haru He has a certain look that's only ever towards Haru and well according to my psychology lecturer it's the look of lovvvveeeee But we all knew that already right? I mean why point out the obvious I can guarantee you if I showed these caps to my lecturer she'd confirm it's the expression of love She even showed us some photos of how people in love look at one another and it was EXACTLY this expression it's why my mind immediately jumped to Makoharu or maybe I'm just in way too deep hah applying my fricken university studies to my OTP ohhhh this is my life You can definitely apply this to Regisa too because we all know how Rei looks at Nagisa He looks at him exactly like this Boy's got it bad Anyway enough tags it's all too long ehh miss-entropicat •
We now know that yes, love is a real emotion, it’s not just a mixture of happiness and gratitude that’s created by the object or person of affection, it is in fact a real biological thing. It’s been found that love even has a universal facial expression: an often closed-mouthed look that completely softens the face and a look in the eyes that can only be described as tender.

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We now know that yes, love is a real emotion, it’s not just a mixture of happiness and gratitude that’s created by the object or person of a...
mygifs free! nanase haruka matsuoka rin RinHaru i didn't realize until i had them all here that this shows how much their relationship has changed like the actions are similar but the intentions and reactions are so different now rin still looks at haru with that fond look that 'i have a massive crush and i'm going to marry you haru' look but this time haru does't turn around and tell rin that 'no. i wont swim with you' instead he smiles??? this tiny sweet smile and they both look so fond of each other and everything i'm crying and rin still waits for haru before the race. he waits and he doesn't deny it bc it's obvious he's there for haru but this time rin isn't slouched in his seat he's sitting all easy going and confident 'hey haru you're finally here. yeah i've just been leaning against the lockers waiting for you no big deal' and he isn't there to tell him essentially 'i'm better and i'll prove it and then it'll be over' anymore and in the fourth rows everything is so similar?? except its like the beginning and the end rin asking haru to swim in a relay and haru saying no that he doesn't care about times that he just wants to feel the water and thats it but this time rin is all 'i knew you could get fired up' and he looks so PROUD and haru doesn't leave this time he turns his head bc he's embarrassed bc rin is right. bc rin can get him fired up and caring about more than the water he's embarrassed and he turns his head but he's not rejecting or dismissing rin and the last ones??? where he's kind of saying the same thing that theres no gaurantee that haru will make it to the final and asking if haru still thinks he's the fastest in the water but he's not antagonistic this time. he's not saying 'dont disappoint me' he's acknowledging haru and telling him he needs more that he's gonna take his cool face and make it hot that he's gonna ignite that passion in haru ok and not snuff it out like in s1 the only think that never changs is haru reflected in rin's eyes haru gazing at rin and seeing himself reflected there rin always watching and focused on haru THIS GOT SO LONG BYE this is for you losers on twit who cried with me ok
Makoto's Exam Studying
Nanase Haruka (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga), Tachibana Makoto (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Hazuki Nagisa (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa), Ryugazaki Rei (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)  Free! Eternal Summer Drama CD vol.2
Free! Eternal Summer Drama CD vol.2Track 4: Makoto’s Exam Studying Transl...
SWIMMING ANIME free! nanase haruka this is my magnum opus free! iwatobi swim club Free! meta mega meta i'm done now omg.
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Track 1: Haruka and Makoto on a Snow Day Makoto: Today, Haru and I promised to...
Rin's Room Visit
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TRACK 09: Rin’s Room Visit NAGISA: “Rin’s Room Visit.” NAGISA: The joint practic...
1k otp MY EDIT 5k 2k 4k 3k qistina Mine:Free! makoharu free!edit kintokie RMB WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO GIVE YOU A BDAY PRESENT BUT I COULDNT BC I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO GIVE HAHAHAAH WELL I MADE U A LITTLE STH LIKE rLY RMB WHEN U ASKED ME FOR TAGS U COULD USE AS OTP TAGS FOR MAKOHARU WELL HERE ARE SOME MORE I EVEN PUT YOURS IN THERE MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA anyways i kinda randomly made up some fOR EXAMPLE YOU PUT THE STARS IN MY SKY I MADE THAT UP WHILE SHOWERING I AM SO CHEESY PLS STOP ME all the other tags ive seen on my dash or while browsing the tags before hEUHEUEHUEHUEE ANYWAYS YEAH I CRIED WHILE TAKING ALL THESE SCREENSH OTS BC I WAS REWATCHING THOSE EMOTIONAL PARTS AND I KEPT FORGETTING TO TAKE THE SCREENSHOT BC I WAS TOO BUSY CRYING IM SORRY HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA also i just noticed that the middle section is liTERALLY ALL HARU IM SORRY BUT ITS OKAY RIHGT WE BOTH LOVE HARU SO YOU ARE OKA Y??? YEAH ?? ITS HARU LOOKING AT MAKOTO ANYWAYS HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA and the one which is you put the stars in my sky iTS WHEN FIREFIGHTER MAKOTOS WATER BECAM E TEH STARS AND HARUS EYES DID THE SPARKLE SPARKLE AND I CRIED also you know ep6 the beach scene when haru realised makoto was still alive he literally like fell back for a good few seconds because he wa s just thAT relieved that makoto was alive and he was like 'i didnt lose him' and it made me so emotional bc haru loves makoto so much AND PPL DONT SEE THAT PPL STILL THINK MAKOHARU IS ONE SIDED AND I WILL LITERALLY SLAM THEM AGAINST A WALL grizzly's crap
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Original Drama??&???
HARUKA: Are you ready, Makoto? MAKOTO: Yeah. I’m ready for anything, Haru...
There’s No Way My Little Sister Is Dating Some Guy
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TRACK 11: There’s No Way My Little Sister Is Dating Some Guy RIN: “There’s No Wa...
comic jerk you know who you are free! maruka free! iwatobi swim club makoharu tachibanana au lesfrites i was going to draw makoto being lewd with his banananes and haru look at him with disgust or have makoto having fun with his bananasn and haru looking with jealousy but i settled with cute instead notice me sempai also i guess drawing makoharu comics is a thing now??? i will tag it....... ARE YOU HAPPY IPOSTED IT ARE YOU HAPPY NOW haru's look of absolute disgust my fav expression that expression is 4 u tumblr user derrierebender