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Free Tabletop RPG Master Post!

So I’ve noticed that tabletop games are not nearly as popular as they should be, there are hundreds of amazing games out there, ranging from the generic to the specific. Lot’s of people want to try these games, but don’t have the resources or know-how. (Check out this dice program, and this awesome multiplayer game board site if you wanna play with your friends online.)

Here I have compiled a list of free and Open Game License games for your viewing pleasure! There’s more stuff online, but a lot of it’s piracy and I’m not gonna advocate it on my blog.

Free Games:

d20 System: More commonly known as Dungeons and Dragons! That’s right, version 3.5 of one of the earliest and most influential fantasy works ever is available online. It has almost all the core rules, but sadly is lacking experience charts.

All games based on the d20 system should be compatible with one another, but not completely. Yes, you can mix and match d20 games, but the rules aren’t built for that kind of stuff.

Pathfinder: Also part of the d20 system, the Open Game License has allowed the birth and growth of what fans dub “D&D 3.75″. Pathfinder is 99% compatible with the rest of the d20 system, including D&D 3.5, and the two can be played together with ease.

d20 Modern: What is this? A modern fantasy game? Based on the d20 system? That’s right, fantasy, but you can also be a Russian spy hunting wizards.

d20 Anime: I want to pretend this doesn’t exist but it does. Yes, it’s generic anime themed. Yes, it should be compatible with D&D. As much as I hate to admit, it would be interesting to see combined with d20 Modern.

Other d20 system games: Not all of them are free, but you can get some pretty neat stuff if you wanna fork up a bit of cash. The old Star Wars d20 comes to mind, as does Iron Kingdoms (fantasy with mech suits).

Legend System: This game was originally 80+ pages of redoing D&D 3.5 rules, but now it’s changed so much it can’t even be called d20. It varies so heavily from the game that it was originally based on that it’s a lot less compatible with other D&D based games. On the plus side, it’s easier to learn and quicker to play.

FATE: A classic, rules light game that’s easy to learn, easy to play. As a generic game, Fate can be played in any setting you imagine, it’s rules are flexible and broad. It’s supposed to require special dice. You don’t actually need those dice, just use this site.

D6 System: Another generic game, and also the only game that has expansions for both Ghost Busters and Star Wars. It’s a good system for beginners with regular dice laying around.

Savage Worlds: Most games strive for the efficient layout and fast, murder-y combat that Savage Worlds creates. The game isn’t particularly realistic, but it’s fun and brutal, and that’s what matters.

JAGS: (Just Another Game System). Another nice generic game, this time in PDF format. JAGS does a good job at dividing its content by genre, allowing for you to pick a game type and have all the relevant stuff right there together.

Ars Magica 4: Do you like practicing wizardry in 13th century Europe? Enjoy knowing that spells will overload your brain and give you magic seizures? Like memorizing magic words to make up spells on the fly?

Stick Guy: This game is the best sort of game. The rules are super simple, the game is fun, generic, and silly. It’s a very casual game with lots of good times. It’s worth a shot at, just because it’s an easy game to play with a group of friends, but you need a d4.

Microlite20: It’s like d20 but ᵗᶦᶰʸ and easy to learn.

GURPS Lite: Normally GURPS is huge and overwhelming, but this is a small guide with simple rules. Like many other games above, GURPS is generic and can be used for many things.

BrikWars!: You like LEGO? Because this is a war game. With LEGO.

Risus: A friendly, pamphlet sized game with colorful purple stick figures, easy rules, and infinite adventure! It’s another generic game, but it gives off a very cute vibe.

Less Free Games (That are still cool)

New World of Darkness: A huge collection of dark fantasy games that take place in modern times, NWoD is depressing and bleak, but it also has werewolves so all is forgiven. Instead of being one game, World of Darkness games are actually a bunch of smaller games that use the same rules systems.

Old World of Darkness: Yeah, both the New and Old World of Darkness games are dark with werewolves. Between both of them, you can find games about vampires, werewolves, mages, monster hunters, ghosts, and all sorts of other supernatural goodies!

Exalted: Powerful beings chosen by gods and demons set out to fight spirits and gods with magic and cool anime fights. Pulls it off quite well.

Shadowrun: Fight evil corporations in a cyberpunk dystopia fantasy. Includes black leather, hacking, magic, and dragons.

Wanna look for your own games?

That’s cool!

Check out these links below!!

TvTropes Tabletop RPG List! (warning: website is highly addictive)

This Cool List by E. Chris Garrison: Loads of free games listed here too!

RPG.net Open Game Systems List: A good collection of games, with lots of free options.

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