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friends bullshit sorry Mistake

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friends bullshit sorry Mistake
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Black Americans killed in 2014 by police outnumber the number of black Americans who died on 9/11/2001 but I don’t see our government waging a war on that terror. 
what have i done replaced i cried I'm stupid im sorry please forgive me I'm done Fake Friends i can't handle this im so weird im stupid Please don't go im an idiot i can't stop crying like4like being replaced I miss my best friend best freinds i've made a terrible mistake i've made my mistakes you mean the world to me IM SO WEAK please i love you imissedyou please don't get tired of me i can't pretend anymore your so far away
I used to think I was overreacting. now I realize it was just a normal reaction to an abnormal amount of bullshit.