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funny snake corn snake funny snake corn snake
funny snake corn snake funny snake corn snake

3 cheers for the doofy corn snake smearing his face on the damn plexiglass.  he was fine btw he just kept making doofy faces like this.  I was tempted to take him home because of how totally doofy he was ;_;

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funny snake corn snake
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Blogging again for the morning crowd: IMPORTANT
Apparently there’s a new show set to come on air in a few days called Killer Karaoke. From what I can understand, it’s basically a mixture of Fear Factor and American Idol, hosted by one of the members of Jackass (I honestly wish I was kidding). But that’s irrelevant. The problem is this: the show’s...
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Nobody ever talks about how cute baby snakes are i mean look at this little guy friends! <3 wow good times just chillin nm how’re you? oh and don’t get me started on snakes in hats: lookatchu in your summer hat just ready to enjoy lemonade on your lil snake porch hope you ha...
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