• game of thrones gif* got but jon snow gotedit got** gotjonsnow jon** the got a day in a life thingy was really great i love behind the scenes what the hell are they doing with Hardhome ??????????????????????? obvs they couldn't focus on Jon's psychological issues there has to be a big battle because u know who cares about jon snow if no fights lololol i'm fine with a little bit of action IF there's more than that in his storyline I want my Jon who leads BUT also my Jon who thinks and doubts and suffers alright nymheria •

Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 5

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1k mine game of thrones robb stark got jon snow sorry not sorry got* gotedit jon x robb gotjonsnow gotrobbstark jon* robb* THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES ABOUT THEM I JUST LOVE TO IMAGINE THEM LITTLE
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* game of thrones jon snow mine:got gotedit gotjonsnow favasoiaf i don't think i like this
~ game of thrones robb stark bran stark richard madden isaac hempstead wright jon snow kit harington Rickon Stark Arya Stark Sansa Stark sophie turner maisie williams art parkinson sudden stark feelings but i just love that quote so i had to make something with it
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sherlock johnlock ha red pants monday another amazing impromptu art/fic collab by the great Alanna and Lin can't do a read more on a photo post though so sorry about the tl;dr peeps just enjoy the pants