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supernatural my stuff dean winchester castiel cleaning out my drafts 7x21 decided to post this
when i find myself with loads of homework mother mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom “watch tv”
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Thoughts after cleaning my room
Spotless, spotless. No more dirtiness, dirtiness. Dustless, cleanliness, Mama be proud of meeeee.
bbc sherlock my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch Mind Palace
tavris anya edits stupid stuff am i kicked out yet ill start packing my things
life music quotes lyrics friends the maine into your arms The Maine lyrics i need to find my way back to the start
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typewriter elly belle wow elly i said i'd type this for you like 3 months ago remember and i did and then i scanned it to my flash drive and i forgot about it until today when i was cleaning out my flash drive wow you're perf ily sorry i didn't do this sooner ily2@@@@@@@
My father just smashed my laptop. I need to get out of here.
Backstory: a few weeks ago, I accepted an internship with the DC Center for LGBT Resources. My father found out, threatened to kick me out if I did it, and basically raged on and on for a while. My flight to DC is on May 24th, and I’m pretty sure my father was going to keep me from catching it...
One Direction mystuff so uhm I dont know but wtvs im gonna start adding sources to my stuff