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spoilers Spoiler gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers stan pines grunkle4grandpa twin swap theory painting??? idk what im doing hahah
holy shit goddamn gravity falls gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers not what he seems THIS IMAGE IS WAY TOO HAPPY FOR HOW THAT REVEAL ENDED UP BUT I'M OVER THE MOON
“What’s an… anime?”
mine slytherin hpedit hogwartsstudentsnet not rlly but wtv irritation game strong this morning tbh
mine not rlly mine but my screenshot
gravity falls gf spoilers not what he seems
cartoon !Mine gravity falls gf spoilers stan pines !gravity falls not what he seems
gif ;-; gf mabel gravity falls Dipper dipper pines mabel pines gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers weirdmageddon part 2 I'm not ready for the last episode I'm going to be crying buckets man weirdmageddon spoilers
tag ur gf spoilers
i dont hav a girlfriend and i dont wanna know what its like until i do
gf gravity falls gf spoilers weirdmageddon take back the falls goodbye gravity falls
** *gif greatest hit gravity falls Disneyedit gf spoilers gfedit gravityfallsedit *gf weirdmaggedon 3: take back the falls