• gf SU gravity falls steven universe candy chiu grenda willmelon •
gf SU gravity falls steven universe candy chiu grenda

fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger

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gf SU gravity falls steven universe candy chiu grenda
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I implore you, Gravity Falls fans and Steven Universe fans alike.
While we’re caught up in our storm of new episodes, a cartoon is about to end it’s second season, and has not yet been renewed for a third. If we don’t help out, it’ll die like other cartoons have before it….forgotten and left to die. What cartoon am I talking about?Randy Cunningham: 9th Grad...
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  • my entire dash rn:people screaming with joy about steven universe and screaming in anguish about gravity falls
metaphors for male puberty in western animation:growing the first facial/chest hairmetaphors for female puberty in western animation:tURNING INTO A PURPLE BUTTERFLY MONSTER AND HUNTING DOWN COUNTLESS MALES, TRAPPING THEM IN A WEB, THEN AFTER SPOTTING THE IDEAL MATE, FLYING INTO THE AIR, EXPLODING, A...
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my favourite genre of cartoon is “two children, one serious and one playful, work together to deal with paranormal bullshit”
  • me:it's time to watch some amazing cartoons!
  • gravity falls:*almost dead*
  • steven universe:*hiatus*
  • star vs the forces of evil:*hiatus*
  • my little pony:*hiatus*
  • miraculous ladybug:*hiatus*
  • me:shit
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