• gif 1k disney MY EDIT 5k 2k 3k Disneyedit zootopia disneydailly nick wilde zootopiaedit judy hopps nick x judy i finally figured out why i love them so much because they're basically captain swan paceingcolin •

“You know you love me.”

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mine MY EDIT once upon a time 1000plus ouat Emma Swan Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit ouat: s03e21 ouat: s03e22 omg i've been aching to get home all morning so i could finally edit these i basically screamed and cried when i saw them HOW FREAKING BEAUTIFUL ARE THEY>???? AND THE WAY THEY'RE LOOKING AND SMILING AT ACHOTHER??? and yes this is a hsm song and yes i love it
1k * new girl Nick Miller 5k *gifs Schmidt *ng nick x schmidt ngedits *nick brotp: you're the turtle *schmidt the fact that nick thinks his name sounds different without the k is the favorite thing ever god i love this show so much
MY EDIT taylor swift tea 2k 200 100 tswiftedit i feel enlightened i finally figured out how to do textures on photoshop i love tea so much don't read these tags i'm tired
:) 1k ** star wars gifs* 2k 3k han x leia sw edit SW* Anakin x Padme skywalkernet i've had this idea for awhile lmao i love how different the two ships are because i love them both so much oh and if anyone adds negative comments about anidala/the prequels to this post all of us at skywalkernet will hunt you down
1k * new girl Jess Day Nick Miller nick x jess newgirlgif ngedits sexcohen elena didn't you want me to gif this like 5 months ago here u go i love u (don't feel pressured to reblog the colouring is so bad) jealous!nick is my favourite kind of nick
1k edit mygif 5k 2k Captain America 4k Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson 3k captain america 2 catws captainrumnetwork this is so bleCH but i'm too lazy to fix it 500px gifs are hard
gif american horror story * 2x10 ahs: asylum judy martin sister judy martin sister judy i need to become more decisive with my tags
my gifs mine 2k disney princesses *mulan Disneyedit *cinderella *sleepingbeauty *snowwhite *aladdin *pocahontas *beautyandthebeast *thelittlemermaid *theprincessandthefrog i made these as sidebars but i figured it'd be a cute set yes i am making another of these featuring rapunzel merida anna and elsa don't worry i have already made rapunzel actually but they take time so idk when the next set will be ready i like how they came out actually aurora was so much fun finding full body shots of all of them wasn't fun fact jasmine's upper body and legs are from 2 different scenes
1k ** mine disney 5k 10k Mulan Disneyedit mulanedit mine:mulan i love grandma fa so much
gif 1k 2k spike Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS 3k Joyce Summers why do you ask btvs edit baw14 because their friendship was so unexpected but it worked joyce comforting him after his break up with dru and them watching passions together was hilarious and since i couldn't settle for another ship i chose this one they're like my brotp leave me be i like weird things
my gif disney 10k anna i hate everything frozen dammit Disneyedit elsa *GROSS SOBBING* frozenedit basically a set of elsa & anna being happy notice how they're always touching in the last two gifs because now they finally CAN
1k MY EDIT once upon a time 2k jennifer morrison Emma Swan captain hook anyway Captain Swan colin o'donoghue killian jones ouat edit ouatedit once upon a time edit csedit cs edit if that makes any sense captain swan edit cs crew I really had no idea what sizes to use I chose the new ones because I thought they look better smaller than the smaller ones look bigger I still hope they change the dimensions back I really wanted to gif so I was bored and all I had to make a decision but I'm still protesting