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congratulations to the winners of mama 2015! ( + bts for global performance and big bang for worldwide favorite artist )

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gif 1k * f(x) Big Bang snsd exo shinee taeyeon crush CN Blue girls generation twice jyp red velvet Ailee zion t ikon mama 2015
When I meet someone new and they say they like Kpop
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  • Before:Cry tears of sorrow when I got an A-
  • After:Cry tears of joy when I get a C
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • Before:Had no idea how to spend my money
  • After:Broke from all the albums I buy
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • Before:Innocent little girl
  • After:Pervert
  • ...
do you ever look at a kpop idol that’s the same age as you and you’re like “wow look at all they’ve achieved in life” while you watchin them in your blanket cocoon munchin on some cheetos
if you can tell the era just by looking at their hair style there’s no way back
1. Even Jonghyun is looking down on you 2. You’re just about as real as kwanghee’s face. 3. You make sasaeng fans look normal. 4. I’d say you have onew condition but that would be a insult to onew. 5. You’re more of a diva than key 6. Even Boyfriend doesn’t want you as ...
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  • Super Junior:All the members pursuing the paths that make them happy. Members in the army staying safe and healthy.
  • BigBang:Not overworking themselves in the studio or otherwise, and not feeling too much pressure to release their promised album until it's 110% ready
  • Girls' Generation:Lots of rest and individual pursuits whether publicly or not :) (same for Jessica!!!)
  • 2NE1:Health both physical and mental being top priority, especially for Bom. Success in all personal pursuits including CL's US album!
  • SHINee:The members staying happy, healthy and goofy as ever, without any pressure to make a comeback
  • EXO:HEALTH BECOMING TOP PRIORITY AND TAKEN SERIOUSLY WHEN MEMBERS ARE SICK OR INJURED. EXO-Ls moving on from the drama of the past couple years and the anxiety it has instilled in regards to Lay.
  • fx:Being taken seriously as a top group in the industry by their company. Lots of growth and new experiences previously withheld from them undeservingly. (name the goddamn fandom SM...)
  • Miss A and 2PM:Not getting lowkey slept on by lowkey everyone... like they lowkey were last year.... lowkey.... jus' sayin.
  • ...
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  • Girls Generation:The popular cheerleaders who get invited to all the parties and have 2000+ friends on facebook
  • 2ne1:The cool rebellious girls who everybody wants to talk to
  • 2pm:The guys who love to party
  • f(x):The artsy girls
  • U-kiss:the smart kids who love to talk about pi
  • Boa:The pretty teacher all the guys have a crush on
  • JYP:the all knowing teacher everybody goes to when they have problems.
  • KKS:The horrible teacher who does crystal meth and steps on kittens and shouldn't be an authority figure but for some reason he still is.
  • ...