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gif cat gestures sign language feed me

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gif cat gestures sign language feed me
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hey listen
x x x x x x x "If you want to mean "mine" gently slap your hand to your chest twice" "Hope: primary hand held with index and middle fingers crossed" x
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Speak Your Own Language Day
Hi! My name’s Ash. I wanted to make a gif before for speak your own language day. I forgot because of the Kalos announcement. Sorry :( My language is American Sign Language. My family is deaf. I can’t speak but I can hear. I know it’s late But happy speak your own ...
A British person would be likely to make [the Chinese sign language gesture for ‘father’] with the fingers relaxed [rather than ...
Because she was lonely.
So, today, a woman came into our shop. It was a woman I’ve only heard my parents refer to as ‘the Deaf Lady’. My mum had told her about me, explained that I was doing Sign Language, and come to find me on a day she knew I was working. But today, she didn’t need her lawnmower ...