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Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth chris hemsworth* chris evans* evansedit i love these interviews
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gif 1k * interview Chris Evans scott evans evansedit jesus that was good chris that was the meanest prank ever chris
gif Chris Evans Premiere marvelcastedit evansedit noelle*
gif 10k Chris Evans fantastic four fantasticfour evansedit
gif Chris Evans Premiere marvelcastedit evansedit by noelle
gif my edits Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers Captain America: The Winter Soldier i don't quit like it
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mygifs Chris Evans p: chris evans this video is so cute i might just die
1k *mine Chris Evans Sebastian Stan *edit m: chris evans sebastianstanedit m: sebastian stan marvelcastedit evansedit
* Chris Evans marvelcastedit evansedit can i touch your beard
1k Chris Evans scarlett johansson but i tried gifs [2] captain america 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier marveledit scarjoedit edit: ce edit: interviews evansedit edit: scarjo sorry i didn't get what scarlett said word for word