• gif Chris Evans I LIKE IT evansedit this is t00 pornographic mcavoys •

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gif interview Chris Evans marvelcastedit evansedit by noelle i dont know what the point of this is he's just adorable ok
Chris Evans elizabeth olsen 1000:5000 marvelcastedit evansedit SDCC14 she's like 'no chris what are you doing' and he's like 'no believe me this is a greaaat idea'
myedit Chris Evans evansedit if this is wrong i dont wanna be right
1k Chris Evans Steve Rogers Captain America: The Winter Soldier marveledit capedit evansedit *gif 3 idek who's saying what on the commentary there's like the four of them talking at the same time catws commentary
* Chris Evans !!! but anyway chrisevansedit marvelcastedit evansedit gordonlevitts this was really quick so i hope it's alright it's your bday you can have any chris evans you want
gif Chris Evans push evansedit by noelle for the anon who requested this i'm so sorry it took so long
* Chris Evans evansedit catws bts hes so cute i wanna be dead ALSO THIS IS SO LOW QUALITY I WANNA SPIT
1k mine 5k 10k Chris Evans 500 gtkmm marvelcastedit evansedit cevansedit
1k 10k Chris Evans long post you fucking meatball evansedit *gif 3 look at this meatball he's made a buttload of movies already i'm so proud sunshine puncture and snowpiercer are v important also this is not a complete list okay?? i don't have copies of all his films... *filmo
1k mine MY EDIT Chris Evans chris evans edit evansedit i shouldn't make it like long post but i don't wanna make them small siiiize
Chris Evans marveledit mcuedit cy:fy marvelcastedit evansedit idk i just find this very amusing
1k Chris Evans *gif I'M SO EXCITED THOUGH evansedit ramsayboltons cause i'm pretty sure this is his aesthetic for aou i'm so down for this jonahchill where r my evans ppl at