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gif disney short Paperman
gif disney short Paperman

Okay so I just love this scene so much because the animators did such a great job in portraying a person’s feelings. In the second gif you can see Meg putting her hair behind her ear and omg did you notice George’s hand? I don’t know how to describe it but you can clearly tell that he wants to say something, anything, to her but he’s just too nervous and shy and he’s probably worrying about saying something dumb and stupid but despite this look at his SMILE he’s still so excited. I just CAN’T when I see his fingers because it’s just so real. It’s just an unconscious movement but it says everything about his mood: it shows that he’s nervous, worried, but eager and happy. It’s shocking how such a simple detail can tell so much about a person. It’s so relatable, too, because if I were in the same situation I’d totally be doing the same thing without noticing. So WOW I just have so much respect for the animators.

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