• gif exo pls Luhan Lay yixing layhan oh-luhans •
gif exo pls Luhan Lay yixing layhan gif exo pls Luhan Lay yixing layhan

luhan posing for a very reluctant yixing

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my gif favourite 1k exo 5k Luhan Lay yixing favourite boy layhan elaysiumedit gif:yixing iqiyi alright i saw people subbing and translating so i think it's safe to gif ;;;; i'm still really apprehensive about any backlash so i'll delete if necessary later this makes me so happy tbh my heart is bursting
Other people in PE:Me:
gif 1k baby exo exo m 100 Lay yixing zhang yixing
  • Somebody:whats exo-m?
  • Me:*cries in chinese*
exo tao EXO-M Luhan Lay Kris Chen yixing Minseok xiumin jongdae huang zitao wu yi fan
gif mine edit exo Lay yixing zhang yixing yes i will
Remember when we were called exotics
Chanyeol: hey bro wanna smell my sweater?Baekhyun: uhh?Chanyeol: you know what it’s made of?Baekhyun: uhh polyester? Chanyeol: nope, boyfriend material.
my gif exo Lay yixing favourite boy elaysiumedit gif:yixing GO FIGHTING gif:go fighting ...yixing pls watch this part and listen to him whine and shout HE WAS SHOUTING MADLY WHEN HE GOT SCARED
gif exo exo m exo k Lay yixing Kim minseok Minseok xiumin Lotte zhang yixing xiulay
gif exo Lay yixing exo gif lay gif 150628 is that.... a maccarone?x)
There’s a saying in China - if you don’t go through storms how will you be able to see the rainbow? If you don’t go through difficulties you...