• gif funny quote full house michelle you got it dude ainaday •
gif funny quote full house michelle you got it dude

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gif funny quote full house michelle you got it dude
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game of thrones House Stark house targaryen House Lannister house greyjoy house baratheon house tully house mormont house morrigen house reed lemme explain the reed motto btw. it's taken directly from thoreau... who is considered 'the patron saint of swamps'. tho technically the quote could be about slow flowing rivers as well. but whatevs. dude loved swamps anyway. like hardcore LOVED em. you should read it sometime. you'll end up loving them too. i guarantee. i can link you up. lol @ the targaryen one tho. it's such a video game look. soz. and all the stars in greyjoy. theon would not approve of its hipsterness. or would he? so here's all the hipster houses i made at any rate. the night is dark and full of triangles.
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