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bisexual guys are assumed to be secretly gay bisexual girls are assumed to be secretly straight both are assumed to secretly like men see what i’m getting at?
"you can’t be bisexual! you’re dating somebody of the same sex, so you must be homosexual!" stop "you can’t be bisexual! you’re mostly attracted to people of the opposite sex, so you must be straight!" stop "you can’t be bisexual! you can’t be attracted to both se...
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Siz hic uyumaya gidiyorum diyip aglamadiniz mi?
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sunggyu myungsoo infinite gif:all gif:infinite gif:myungsoo gif:sunggyu 60 seconds i wanted to take some time and make something meaningful rather than just whipping out some random gifs haha this song is so beautiful so proud of you leader
ok so i think that bisexuals should have their own mascot like gay people have unicorns or whatever so i think bisexuals should have the duck-billed platypus because ducks only go out with ducks and beavers or whatever only go out with beavers but i think platypus’ would go out with beavers an...
The statement that all people are “a bit bisexual” is harmful. And why? Because fluidity of sexuality and bisexuality are two separate conce...
gif mine exo EXO-K Kai I'm so sorry D.O. chanyeol this supposed to be serious and meaningful but why i'm laughing rn i broke everything
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