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21 Stunning Photographs Of Nature Battling Civilization
In a high-paced moving world, we tend to forget how strong and resilient mother nature really is. We have compiled a list of stunning photographs, which showcase the strength found in vitality. Seeping through the cracks of cold, industrial spaces, the juxtaposition between a man-made structure and ...
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10 of The Most Stunning and Vibrant Places on Earth
Exotic, colorful and beautiful, we have rounded up the 10 most visually stunning landscapes found on Earth. Lavender Fields, FranceDuring summer, lavender fields of Provence bloom filling the landscape with the color of passion. Procida, ItalyStacked with beautiful pastel-colored home across a clear...
15 Photos Taken At Just The Right Moment
Photography’s artistic and magical nature lies in timing. Along with other elements such as lighting, shadow and angle, luck also plays an important role. Below, we have compiled 15 images that were taken at the perfect time. sourcesource sourcesource source source sourcesource source sourc...
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