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People Of Color Recreate Iconic Movie Posters


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People Of Colour From Around The World Respond To “White”
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How To Be A Reverse-Racist: An Actual Step by Step List For Oppressing White People
by A.D Song and Mia McKenzie White people who are confronted with their white privilege and the white supremacist acts they perpetuate have been known to cry, “You’re being a reverse-racist!” That is completely true: people of color have the power and control to create, perpetuate, and maintain bru...
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Ranting About Feminism: It’s racist for you to ask me to overlook no diversity. And I’m not fucking ...
I don’t know how many of you guys know about it but this new movie, “Mad Max” just came out  and has already reached critical acclaim. I haven’t seen it , but it’s supposed to be this groundbreaking masterpiece and a huge step for feminism. Which is all good and dandy In theory. But on tumblr there’...
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AP: Ferguson police caught on tape admitting that they set up a no-fly zone to keep news helicopters...
That’s an illegal abuse of power, by the way. But sure, these people have nothing to hide.
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