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Some of the posts I’ve seen lately (particularly those about LGBTQ youth suicides), as well as the general way I’ve seen people on tumblr tending to talk about suicide, have seriously concerned me as potential causes of suicide contagion. Suicide contagion (or “copycat suicide”) refers to the phenom...
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like straight girls are like “oooh girls are so confident in their sexuality oh we can hold hands and sit in each other’s laps and even kiss and we’re not all ‘no homo’” until a bi chick or a lesbian shows up and then suddenly they’re just as “no homo” as cis straight boys like i can assure you that...
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Not gonna lie, I hate it when Straight People react to Queer People coming out like “No big deal” or even better “Why do people care so much?!”Look, I get that straight people are trying to be chill and non-chalant, but here’s the thing. Straight people never have to justify their sexuality so you’v...
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