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connor laughing in the middle of somebody to you

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1k animals puppy *gif yeah i just thought i'd make this gif 'cause i watched the video for it and i died of it's cuteness
louis tomlinson ** random u guys like the coloring? :)) queue - doing smth sirius
dad TV the simpsons simpsons homer homer simpson television maggie maggie simpson hulu father's day do it for her
disney Pixar helen mine2 violet dash the incredibles Brad Bird ftw I never really knew what this movie was trying to talk about when I was still younger but now it all makes perfect sense and Gini for her perfect animation skills omg
my gifs queue Connor Kenway connor looks through his telescope i'm sorry it's all connor's fault asscreed3
storm tornado Texas news weather breaking news alert Kansas twister Oklahoma Wichita Oklahoma City Accuweather Weather Alert Outbreak Topeka Wichita Falls
~ skins ship ceffy effy cook 2nd Gen otp: i'd do it all again ceffy feels lately srry but regret nothing
gif gifs queue studio ghibli ghibli the secret world of arrietty miyazaki hayao the borrower arrietty arrietty IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL 8 ghibli gifs ARRIETTY COMES OUT TODAY IN AMERICA GO WATCH IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T GO GO GO GO GO btw today=feb.17 for me IT'S RATED G SO YOU CAN BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW YOU'LL ACTUALLY HAVE TO WATCH IT TWICE B/C THE 1ST TIME YOU'LL BE TOO DISTRACTED BY THE AESTHETICS OF IT ALL THAT YOU WON'T EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE PLOT YOU'LL JUST STARE AT ALL THE PRETTY AND WISH YOU COULD BE AS TALENTED AS MIYAZAKI and the MUSIC OH SWEET BABIES though idk i can't vouch for the american voice actors/actresses though!! amy poehler and will arnett are dubbing so i mean there's that
favourite 1000 10000 Tom Hanks why did i do this Stephen King Jeffrey DeMunn aperfectline: gif frank darabont Michael Clarke Duncan the green mile paul edgecomb brutus howell brutal howell john coffey david morse barry pepper i'd have that shit covered b so many creys they wouldn't need to fill the buckets for the sponges
gif gifs request queue A:TLA atla zuko Avatar: the last airbender azula also firebending agni kai everytime i watch the finale i just realize how ~perfect~ it is it's just /impossible/ to gif ugh b/c everything's basically red also like 6 anons requested this were you all the same anon things to ponder i used to think waterbending was hands down the prettiest element to bend but idk the azula/zuko agni kai is ridiculously gorgeous
gif Harry Styles One Direction Niall Horan live for all you Narry lovers this sucks because the video quality was shit
photoset gif anime durarara Celty Sturluson Kishitani Shinra queue post i'd tap that durararak