• gif me LOL funny haha movie like omg i do you for not is how hard positive to it say things do know the truth relatablegifs •
gif me LOL funny haha movie like omg i do you for not is how hard positive to it say things do know the truth

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gif LOL funny haha omg how i met your mother barney stinson tv show because it's hard with me you guys know to be friends I'm so awesome
gif LOL funny haha movie omg I DON'T KNOW The prayer The End End how to
disney hercules mine* idk i just put random lines i like to say when i watch the movie haha putting multiple gifs on one is one of the most annoying things to do in photoshop mostly because it's hard to edit it at one point if you have to take out frames and tumblr is stupid with them only one of gifs with two in one uploaded on the first time ugh
Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes these drawings are meant to go together :^) can i jsut say how much of a turd my computer is being it is really killing me i have to redo everything i drew for the brooklyn zine!!! re!!!!! do!!!!!!!! i drew a motorbike do u know how difficult those things are to draw for me it was like a mashup ofe very motorbike steve has ridden in mcu lol well nOW IT DOESNT EXIST THANKS PHOTOSHOP stop complaining now kate. ok i will thanks kate
gif LOL funny haha omg want jenna marbles my do you i swear phone number I'm normal
sunggyu infinite gpx:infinite can you not do this to me please I HOPE MY TRANSLATIONS ARE CORRECT? compared with someone else and it was close enough o DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR SQUISHYNESS CRIES did you shave off your happy trail too wtf istg if you did... WHY THE HAPPY TRAIL HAS TO EXIST TO BE SUNGGYU YOU CAN'T JUST SHAVE THAT OFFFFFF i was all like OMG OPPAR NO OMG SKIN OMG SUNGGYU WH AT when i saw a jpg of his tummy but then i watched the clip and i was laughing so hard cause he literally flashed for like a quarter of a second i forgot 'be' between possible lmao oh thank you to  the person that helped me confirm the translation ;;
inspiration My art watercolor lists artists on tumblr the tumblr artists this probs isnt inspirational ok LOL oops
LOL funny do it hahah daily grace grace helbig right? this reminds me of I WILL DIE omg she'd love this reblog it grace you know you want to
gif LOL funny lilo and stitch haha movie omg cartoon i'm sorry I bit you pulled you punched you in the face
funny film mine fuck you subtitles 80's mp eric idle monty python I LOVE YOU ERIC yup screen shot wise words too many tags meaning of life GueSS WHAt I WATcheD ToNIGht sorry i had to screencap this i laughed for like five minutes i'm gonna go throw up after that one scene omg do you know how hard it was to get that last shot i dunno whatever i thought this was a good idea thank god for netflix monty python and the meaning of life
gif LOL funny girls haha movie omg Clothes nothing Hilary Duff typical i have absolutely to wear
gif * doctor who mine David Tennant ten ten x rose *dw martinski The Satan Pit in summary: bitch pls rose ain't no victim look ali I made you the thingy is it ok do you like it do you want me to change things did I misquote somewhere omg it would suck if I misquoted somewhere worst fear