• gif mine exo Lay zhang yixing when he goes to dubai im poppin bottles yaxeen rise ! hes so cute bye i had to gif this kokoneot •

Lay - Sina Fashion Speed Questions

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gif edit exo Lay yixing Minseok xiumin zhang yixing exo showtime yixingifs sobs hes so cute finished my homework phew
mine exo gif set Lay HAPPY BDAY BB you little cutie yixing zhang yixing BUT I LOVE YOU xingxing sorry i had to post it now :( cz i can't go online tomorrow
gif gifs exo bw yixing exogif zhang yixing exo gifs exo lay gif;lay Cutieee eT>T I TRIED SO HARD TO GET A GOOD COLOUR btu i have a cs6 ext now and it's so hard T>T I cant gif good T>T
gif 1k edit exo showtime preview Lay yixing infiniteyixing 1kxing yixing!showtime yixing* and the dumbest person ever award goes to Zhang yixing
gif 1k mine edit exo Lay yixing zhang yixing yixingifs i anticipate for more ngs ;) he said again again again again but didn't know how to put that in lol
1k exo exo m :-( Luhan Lay Kris yixing layhan kray fanxing achjelgif exo showtime DISCLAIMER: i dont know korean but i think that this is what he said well yixing devotes his life to ruin kris' image so i think im right the 2nd gif i know its shitty quality but theyre the same frames so idk why i had to go down to 20 before it was under 1000
infinite exo Dongwoo exo m my prince Lay *_* he's so cute though my gifs: exo yixing Minseok xiumin zhang yixing idk the guy who is next to lay tho hyung XD he looks realllly good
gif 1k mine edit exo yixing zhang yixing im so done with u yixingifs
exo EXO-M Lay yixing zhang yixing exo edits coughs countless edits for this one i just want to make a ver of mine
gif exo Lay exom yixing ohyay1k HES SO CUTE AND I JUST
gif 1k otp edit exo Lay he is so cute yixing baekhyun but i don't want to baekxing 1kxing omg i need to do hw faveyixing
gif 1k edit exo 5k Lay yixing he's so dumb omg infiniteyixing 1kxing yixing!showtime yixing* too many moments (YAY) so I'm going to make 2 gif sets why is he so obsessed witth baekhyun's grandma's house