• gif mine John Boyega boyegaedit jboyegaedit this is basically a gifset for his birthday jonhsboyegas •

You know when celebrities do this thing? And I say celebrities ‘cause I’m not used to this whole celebrity thing with myself, so I don’t call myself a celebrity.

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gif mine movies attack the block luke treadaway John Boyega joe cornish *atb i really liked this film
mine taylor swift gifset candy swift i swear if i get hate for this. if you send me hate your first born child will prick his/her finger on the spinning wheel on his/her 16th birthday.
gif louis tomlinson liam payne Niall Horan mine 10k lilo This is us basically a gifset that describes their dynamic
gif mine star wars Han Solo A New Hope gif set Luke Skywalker heroes ANH sw TFA sw edit John Boyega The Force Awakens
1k doctor who *** gif* dwedit this is basically a remake of my old dw gifset i really do not know what i was aiming for while making this but playing with the colors was pretty fun
1k Yuri i love you snsd ok *mine *gif girls generation kwon yuri so nyuh shi dae LIKE RN *yul OHMYOGD MY BABY MY ANGEL THE LOVE OF MY LIFE HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE YOU'LL SPEND THIS WONDERFUL DAY HAPPILY WITH ALL THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE I HOPE YOU'LL GET TONS OF PRESENTS AND A NICE CAKE AND PARTY BUT TAKE CARE OK i'll upload another gifset tomorrow bc it's the 4th here so i want to upload one on the day when it's her bday here in my country so yeah basically i love you and i forever will and i just hhhhhhhdfgjdfk i don't wanna say more i'll write a longass emotional letter in the next post also the order isn't 100% as the mvs came out for length reasons
:D Sebastian Stan dimpleforyourthoughts sebstanedit marvelcastedit p:sebastian stan robertsdowneyjr sebastiastans haha i spent MY birthday making HIS birthday gifset THIS IS LOVE U GUYS OH AND I KNOW HIS BIRTHDAY'S TOMORROW BUT I GUESS IT'S ALREADU AUGUST 13 SOMEWHERE SO THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS ALREADY*
kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! penki doodles hh this is rushed im sorry i basically woke up and realized that it was his bday and wanted to post this before the date changed in japan also hello I'M BACK SORRY FOR BEING AWAY FOR SO LONG
* gifs klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson ~~ gif: glee Klaine AU IF ANYONE IS NICE ENOUGH TO WRITE THIS... PLEASE TAG ME OR LET ME KNOW *u* and sorry the description is so... detailed. THIS IS MY FIRST AU GIFSET. I'M NEW AT THIS.
A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, is this young m...
gif gifs mine s3 sherlock edit john watson sherlock bbc Dr John Watson SherlockEdit s03e03 03x03 mary morstan SHedit dizi replikleri his last vow season 03 sherlock replikleri
* justin bieber justinbieber gif* since i don't know what to edit for his birthday i made this ???? i was going to post it on his birthday but i just can't wait jslhdfkshf i hope it gets notes idk and yes it is inspired by the union j song lmao