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You know when celebrities do this thing? And I say celebrities ‘cause I’m not used to this whole celebrity thing with myself, so I don’t call myself a celebrity.

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mine taylor swift gifset candy swift i swear if i get hate for this. if you send me hate your first born child will prick his/her finger on the spinning wheel on his/her 16th birthday.
* gifs klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson ~~ gif: glee Klaine AU IF ANYONE IS NICE ENOUGH TO WRITE THIS... PLEASE TAG ME OR LET ME KNOW *u* and sorry the description is so... detailed. THIS IS MY FIRST AU GIFSET. I'M NEW AT THIS.
A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, is this young m...
gif film mine so sad musical Barbra Streisand gifset funny girl ugh this film film* fanny brice omar sharif nick arnstein
homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde gifset a for effort
gif au meme mine 3 sherlock Billie Piper Benedict Cumberbatch john watson gifset Irene Adler shercock sdoacg billie piper is a perfect human being cumberslut billrene adler sherls cumberbills lol this is the only way I ship it no matter how fantastic lara pulver may be billie gets with everyone
the office gif mine john krasinski office* ninaburnham blizzardman dudnermifflinscranton i'm just so saitisfied with the way things eneded for him and if he didn't get to follow his dreams i would've cried for a few days ngl but my baby is happy so i am happy
mine GIF3 jfc lana parrilla gif: lana parrilla lp birthday SO DONE WITH THIS GIFSET SOSOSOS DONE
gif * doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith spoilers mine dw spoilers Gif: Doctor Who The Bells of Saint John i have no idea what this gifset is but i loved this childlike wonder at the cakes and pastries
GIF3 edit i love you infinite sungyeol gif: Infinite happy birthday bb this seems rushed but school is starting for me tomorrow ~_~ my summER IS GONE why do i have to go back to school on his birthday huh oh well gonna make the first week worth it forever a choding
homestuck anime John Egbert i regret EVERYTHING
type: gif Jarhead Mine: Jarhead rewatching cause this is basically my all time favourite movie