• gif mine Kris wu yi fan somewhere only we know WuYiFan sowk xu jing lei she was just joking ok no need to take this seriously fanfan bby i love ur gummy smile gummy laugh my dumbdumb benben kyoooooooooooooot hes so shy and a little nervous????? im so happy that u r happy sowk interview vvu-yi-fan •

“On one side, he’s very cool and all celebrity-like, on the other side, he’s a little dumb that you can see his gums when he’s laughing." 

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my gif kekeke so cute so precious fave no B.A.P. bap b.a.p yongguk best absolute perfect bang yongguk leader asc byg G:BAP gummy bear after school club gummy smile mah main man 1004 era
Benedict Cumberbatch oz comic con
my stuff i think once upon a time mine: gif im sorry mine: ouat ouatedit cryinodonoghue captainswans i was about to punch a wall bUT IM FINALLY DONE HOPE U LIKE IT IDK I WAS A LITTLE CLUELESS ABOUT THE TYPGRAPHY SO I MADE IT THE SAME IN EVERY GIF also for every1 else if u dont know jackiebells nicknames now u do if u dont know jackie and rubybells u r missing out on life i feel so inadequate bc all of my european pals aLREADY POSTED AND THIS IS NOT EVEN A SURPRISE but ok ok oK i know you'll like it anyways
this masterpost is entitled ‘little mix its time to sack your stylist and hire me instead’ alternatively: did somebody call the fashion police? if you think little mix is the height of chic fashion its time to stop, back up and rewind because the little mix method of dressing is pick t...
my gif birthday exo exo m aegyo Kris wu fan he's so sweet honestly this aegyo was better than at kcon lol ohh and side note but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WUFABULOUS!! :) wufabulous
MY EDIT shinee jonghyun kim jonghyun jjong im really tired I NEED JESUS RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT IM AM SO TIRED AND THIS ISN'T EVEN THAT GOOD and jjong is a star and a flower and blue and kindness and honesty and butterfly and little birds i think jjong and analogies match i had to go out and missed jjong's birthday basically :-( and then had to do this only when i came back but that's mostly because yesterday i was dying of frustration ok end of diary entry lmao HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CUTE PRINCE
mygif bap b.a.p yongguk bang yongguk bangyongguk tobeacrosstheseagif tbatsgif gummy bear yongguk WHERE HAS UR GUMMY SMILE BEEN LATELY U SHITHEAD
tao yeah too ya think i forgot ur birthday dont ya???? i actually did forget tbh :)))))) whatever happy birthday to you my secret admirer though you're obsessed with you obviously i wanted to make u taoris but i swore to god i will NEVER say or do anything related to taoris around u so... :))))))) be glad i aint make u taomOn there's taoris in the 6th gif anyway and i know tao's lovely smile is the only thing u need in this world ((beside me ofc)) okay im not gonna write anything else u know there's no such thing called 'greasy and cheesy shit' between us u feel me i feel ya. that's the biggest sarang but remember i will never accept 'oshuanqs' NEVER EVER EVER EVER p/s: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD huanqs im gon tag this as give u tao's shining smile to brighten up ur dark life
* justin bieber birthday ILYSM happy birthday bby march 1st 1994
what we thought kris was like: (???_??) what he’s really like: (???????)?
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