• gif mine Mindy Kaling bj novak otp: you can explain art to me mine: mindy x bj i couldn't have this entire moment in that last gifset so i had to make a whole other gifset logic. IT'S JUST A REALLY IMPORTANT MOMENT. benkaling •

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my edits star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Dorks Anakin Skywalker mine: star wars anakinobiwan I just love so much that this means at some point they got together just to come up with all of these ridiculous signals for every possible plan down to something as specific as 'Okay now let's escape by cutting through the floor' but I also love that they know each other so well that they barely have to glance at one another for even a moment to know what they're suggesting that they can have this kind of hugely important life or death conversation so casually and barely exchanging any actual words at all and there's never any question or concern about if the other is really on the same page or not There's just so much trust and intimacy in this whole exchange
Mindy Kaling the mindy project wow this whole interview PERFECT BABE
the office gifs television kelly kapoor ryan howard Mindy Kaling bj novak *to
* peeniss everlark peeta x katniss yes i know this sucks sorry about that but i couldn't get the idea out of my head so
snow mine The Hunger Games katniss everdeen jennifer lawrence Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark cf Catching Fire caesar flickerman mygraphics [1] otp of all otp's I just wanted to make this okay?? I know it's not like that but I had to make it
wow Ed Helms thanksgiving Mindy Kaling 01x06 the mindy project Mindy Lahiri she has a point but to be fair I absolutely hate how catty she's being to other females on this show. TWO WHOLE INDIANS ON A FOX SHOW some execs somewhere are cheering their radical decisions.
my gifs 80s gifset 2pac education tupac shakur 1988 this was sooo hard to make because there were so many valid points from this interview that i wanted to fit in...
Demi Lovato The X Factor don't Let's talk about this moment for minute Like how much this tore me into a thousand different pieces How I felt like I couldn't breathe because I was crying so damn hard Tears were everywhere And so were my feels They were just spilling all over the place And I couldn't stop I went from crying to sobbing to sobbing to crying because this part of the show just had my emotions all kinds of fucked up And then my precious baby Demetria is bawling her eyes out and just no Don't cry bb My heart couldn't take it The pain in Jillian's voice when she was singing killed a part of me She did such a good job though
the office gif mine rainn wilson dwight schrute ryan howard angela martin angela kinsey bj novak eg3 i ha i have no idea why this gif looks so ugly omg i blame the blinds in the way dwangela
“This is the last twilight movie” robert pattinson whispers. he lifts his face towards the sky and raises his arms. He begins to float, over the buildings, through the clouds. He floats out of range of earth’s gravitational pull and begins to spin through the stars. he is free
lmao best tweet Mindy Kaling bj novak BEYONCE???
One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Ziam help me one direction for ts i'm not kidding when i say that these two make me want to launch myself into the sun liam x zayn you think you're all cute and stuff but you're just ruining my life in a very painful way and the funny thing is that these are not even their best moments or my favourite i just picked up the first 12 videos i had on my computer and i would like to point out that i've made a (shitty) gifset so this is officially a serious and horrible situation for me i didn't want any of this i accidentally 1d my shitty stuff